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Redditch, 15 miles south of Birmingham, England doesn't have much going for it when it comes to 4x4s and green lanes despite being "The ‘Ditch"; so intends to expand the knowledge of the hobby to local enthusiasts and bring us all together and look after the environment whilst still having great fun.
Every month the club holds a general meeting for all members and enthusiasts alike at the Washford Mill, Redditch. It is here where some of us are only allowed out on a monthly basis, where some like to relax with a soft drink or just the one (whilst legal!) and where we discuss any hot topics such as the next month's events.

Club pay n play day at Wagtail

Redditch4x4 is a free club, but as with anything it costs quite a lot to run so please help to keep us active by sparing a £1 or so and click the donate button below. Remember it is going to a great cause too... As Redditch4x4 and all its' members donate to various charities throughout the year, these donations are not possible without your support.

Please do have a look around and feel free to say hello!

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